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Lillie’s Q Ivory Sauce 473ml


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LQ I 473 C


About: You’ve chosen a sweet and tangy Alabama original! Grandma Lillie adds a pinch of Cayenne pepper to this Southern sauce, making IVORY just right for everything from chicken to french fries. Use it as a dressing on your homemade coleslaw – the way we make it at Lillie’s Q.

Use it on: Our favourite is to use this sauce as a salad/coleslaw dressing! It also tastes good with chicken or fries.

Ingredients: Soybean oil, filtered water, cider vinegar, distilled vinegar, egg yolk. Less than 2% of sugar, spices, salt, corn starch, corn syrup, cultured dextrose, rosemary extract, lemon juice, lime juice concentrate, natural egg flavour (natural flavour, egg yolk powder, soy lecithin).

Allergens: Egg, Soy.

Origin: Chicago, USA