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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

STIHL SHOP tools are known for their exceptional quality, durability, and performance. They are designed for professionals and homeowners who demand reliable and efficient equipment. STIHL’s innovative technology and rigorous testing set them apart.

STIHL SHOP Botany has a team of experts who can assist you in selecting the ideal tool based on your specific requirements. They consider factors like the type of work, the size of the job, and your experience level.

STIHL batteries and chargers are designed to be compatible with most STIHL cordless tools. However, it’s always a good idea to check compatibility for your specific tool model. Our advice is to come and discuss the differences with our team.

Chainsaw maintenance includes regular cleaning, sharpening the chain, and inspecting the air filter and spark plug. The frequency of maintenance depends on usage, but it’s generally recommended after each use and more extensive maintenance at regular intervals.

STIHL SHOP Botany offers servicing and repair services. You can bring your tool to the store, where trained technicians will assess and repair it as needed.

It’s recommended to consider safety gear such as safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, and appropriate clothing. Depending on the tool, you may also need accessories like chains, blades, or cutting attachments.

Come in store to STIHL SHOP Botany, we offer training and guidance on using our tools safely and effectively.

Yes, STIHL offers a range of battery-powered tools that are environmentally friendly and emit zero emissions. These tools are ideal for users who prefer a more sustainable option.

Our in-store team consists of experts who have in-depth knowledge of all the products available at STIHL SHOP. If you require assistance with your equipment, please feel free to visit us in-store, and we’ll be more than happy to provide guidance and support.

STIHL SHOP Botany is equipped with a comprehensive service workshop staffed by trained technicians. We are delighted to offer maintenance and servicing for your equipment. You can either bring your tool to the store or call in advance to schedule a service appointment.

If your tool is still under warranty or is found to be defective, not meeting the expected quality or its description, our store staff will assess the situation and take appropriate action, which may involve repairing the tool, replacing it, or providing a refund, as per the specific circumstances.

FAQ on STIHL AP Battery System

The STIHL AP Battery System is a revolutionary cordless tool system designed for professionals and large property owners. It is tailored for those who require efficient, reliable, and high-performance tools for various tasks in landscaping, gardening, and tree maintenance.

The STIHL AP Battery System offers the power of efficiency and flexibility, making it perfect for daily professional use. It provides the stamina needed to tackle any task and a wide range of tools that can be added as your needs grow, all powered by the same reliable battery.

STIHL Back Pack AR Batteries improve the user experience by shifting the battery to the user’s back, reducing the weight carried by hand. This design offers more freedom of movement and increased comfort during extended use, making it ideal for professionals who use their tools all day, every day.

FAQ on STIHL Pruning Saws

STIHL Pruning Saws offer precision cutting for small branches, providing a clean and smooth cut, making them ideal for pruning when a Chainsaw is not needed.