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Lifestyle Chippers

Owner of lifestyle blocks and smallholdings up to 20 hectares need chippers capable of handling a larger capacity and volume. With a maximum capacity of 70 to 130mm the lifestyle range include road tow-able or tractor mounted options to suit a wide range of applications. If you want to keep on top of your lifestyle block efficiently but need to constantly process unwanted branches and garden material – Hansa’s range of chippers offer the perfect solution. A Hansa chipper will chip/shred any branches (green or dry), along with other general garden prunings such as hedge material, vines and flower stalks. The clever rotor design allows fibrous materials such as flax and cabbage tree leaves to be processed, without running the risk of wrapping around a shaft. With its efficient self-feeding action, the lifestyle chipper range are our most user-friendly chippers. Thanks to the higher outlets, your mulch can be discharged directly onto a trailer, ute or wheelbarrow, eliminating the need for double-handling.

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