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Canadian Cedar Plank 45cm (2 piece)


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Originating from native American Tribes in the Pacific northwest, grilling and smoking food on cedar planks provides a unique and exciting way to cook, adding a truly unique flavour by combining the earthiness of natural wood & smoked flavour created by indirect heat.

  1. Pre-soak – pre-soak the plank for 3-4 hours fully submerged to prevent flareups and the plank catching fire while cooking.
  2. Pre-Heat the BBQ – preheat the BBQ to a medium heat, preferring an indirect heating method over direct heat.
  3. Place the plank on the BBQ – Arrange food on the plank, place on the BBQ and close the lid. Do not put oil on the Plank as this can cause it to catch fire.
  4. Watch for fire – Keep a water bottle on hand, covering the plank surface as much as possible with food reduces the chance of it catching fire. Do not leave unattended.
  5. Cook – Cook until done or to liking. Turning food over is not necessary. Keep lid closed as much as possible to retain constant heat and to maximise the smoking effect.

Soaking Cedar planks in water is a must but other liquids will add delicious flavours. White wine will add to the subtle taste of your food. Red wine adds an extra bold flavour. Fruit juices such as apple, berry, ciders, or even sake will certainly give an extra zesty flavour. Citrus juices like orange or lime add refreshing flavours as will lemon juice. Your favourite beer is another great way to enhance the flavour of your food.

100% natural, FSC certified, non-toxic, contains no harmful chemicals, has not been treated in any way & is non-allergenic.